MEC Contact IV


The next generation buttplate from MEC adds a lot more adjustment, and a slimmer profile

Both the upper and lower plates are mounted on their own column
The plates to be moved up, down and rotated on that column
Both plates also have two joints, making any angle possible
The double joint allows the plate to be moved closer to and away from the shoulder

Each entire plate assembly can also be moved up and down and rotated around the main vertical column

The central plate can be rotated around the main vertical column, and offset to either side

The main vertical column can be quickly adjusted for height with the large knurled screw at the top of the buttplate,
and of course the entire assembly is adjustable for height along its own base plate

The hook from the MEC Free Position buttplate will fit on the main vertical column, but due to a lack of clearance it cannot rotate fully
You would have to remove from material from the rear of the hook fixing block should you wish to add it to this buttplate

The natural rubber nubs and the cut outs on the plate edges will grip your jacket better than ever before

Reliable mechanics
Fits all standard buttplate carriers
Ideal for air rifle three position shooting and benchrest shooting

Weight 0.6 kg
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