Centra Lenshood II Telescopic



A new telescopic version of the Lenshood II
Like with the Lenshood II you can mount a Duplex
The variable length allows the fine-tuning of the extra Duplex ring in the sight picture

There are several versions available:
Anschutz Old Type fits the OLD Anschutz steel rearsights (not 6805), MEC Free Sight, Centra 10/50, Gehmann 590/595/598
Anschutz 7002 fits the 7002 reasight & Centra Pro57
The others are self-explanatory

The adjustments possible are:
Anschutz Old Type from 65mm > 90mm (inc threaded part)
Anschutz 7002 from 95mm > 125mm (inc threaded part)
Spy from 45mm > 75mm (there is no threaded part)

Photo shows the item mounted to a Spy sight, not included
NOTE: Colour is black, not silver as shown


Weight 0.2 kg
Type required

Anschutz 7002, Anschutz Old Type, Spy Sight

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