Bore Tech Proof-Positive Bore Stix Rod



**Shipping of these rods is to UK & Ireland only**

These rods are female threaded 8/32″

Bore Tech?s Proof-Positive Bore Stix are quite simply the finest coated cleaning rods available
Featuring industry renowned ball bearing handles combined with cutting-edge Proof-Positive materials, these rods set the bar in cleaning rod technology
The free-floating, dual bearing handle design allows for effortless motion and precise following of the barrel?s rifling
Translation: Proof-Positive Bore Stix provide effective cleaning and eliminate the frustrating issue of having jags and brushes unscrew from the end of the rod
In addition, the color-coded handles offer a comfortable, non-slip rubber grip that prevents damage to the rifle stock
All Proof-Positive Bore Stix feature a barrel safe, non-brass, Proof-Positive tip that eliminates the irritating false indication of copper fouling that is found with traditional brass tipped rods when using copper removing cleaners
Suitable for calibres from .22 to 6.5mm

Weight 2.2 kg

30", 36"

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