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This latest Schulz jacket has a number of benefits

– Stronger, denser canvas
– Improved cut & range of sizes
– Stronger sling loop and shoulder straps
– Leather pieces added for comfort

The Schulz shooting jackets proved very popular with club shooters and this latest jacket is another step forward, at a fantastic price.

The leather panel on the neck line, usually only found in higher end jackets, will be much more comfortable for prone shooting
The suede panel on the left hand side has been increased in size to allow for better elbow grip when standing
The sling strap is now made from thicker plastic, rather than leather on the previous model
The popular cut has been improved again, and stocky sizes added to the range.
2 Year Warranty!

PLEASE NOTE: The majority of sizes will now be supplied in the new grey/black colour scheme (see photos) but some sizes (mostly stocky or some left-hand sizes) will be the old blue colour with red pocket.

Schulz size chart – click here


Weight 4 kg
Jacket required

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