Measuring Guide

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The only way to order the correct size is to follow these instructions and use the charts provided

At the end of each description you will see a link to the measurement chart
Each manufacturer has their own chart so use the correct one

All jackets are in European sizes, not UK inches
The size you take in a blazer/jeans has no relevance to the size you’ll need in a shooting jacket/trousers
Each manufacturer has their own sizes, so a 54 in one will not be the same as a 54 in another

Take all measurements in CMs over your normal shooting underclothing
Measurements should be taken pretty taught, with just one finger under the tape.
The tape should be held tight enough so that it will not fall down, but not so tight that it digs in
The chest measurement should be taken at the widest point of the chest, pretty high up under the armpits, with your arms by your sides
The waist measurement should be taken at the fullest point, usually 10cm above where you wear your trousers