Grunig & Elmiger K1


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After 3 years of development, we have developed Project K1
The stock can be able to be adapted to the athletes
Offers completely new versatile adjustments

– New 3D grip gives you even more confidence and security. Versatile, ergonomic adjustments that allow you to find the optimal setting
– New absorbers absorb the vibrations where they occur. Not visible from the outside, but effective
– Fore-end has different width options and Supergrip (one width supplied, others available)
– Rear end off-set options, thanks to interchangeable sections (one supplied, others available)

The K1 is available with an array of options, listed below
– Grip size – the new 3D grip gives more hand size options
– Fore-end width – available options are 42mm, 45mm, 48mm
– Rear-end offset – available options are 0, 3.5mm, 7mm
– Cheekpiece – Black II or Black III. Black III is offset further to the right, to allow the head behind the sight
– Equaliser set – weight columns are moveable (without tools) and can be used to help the balance of the stock
– Trigger guard – the new K1 trigger guard is adjustable to avoid fouling of the sling
– Cheekpiece foam – pre-cut 1mm foam set for the Black II / III (one set included with stock)

Buttplate shown, not included

Please contact us to put together a custom quote with the options you require, price shown is the basic starter price


Weight 2.2 kg
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