Gehmann Leather Mens Sizes — 418


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STOCK NOTICE: We keep most right-handed sizes, and some left-handed in stock, usually from EUR 40>64
We will allow you to Backorder the more obscure sizes/hands online, and we will order from the manufacturer
Lead times on Backorders is 2-4 weeks
If you place a Backorder, and change your mind you can cancel at any time

Redesigned shape, perfect fit
Made from best cow hide
Pierce through buttons for precise fit
Excellent jacket for even high level shooting

Note: As the 418 is made from leather, a natural fabric, it can’t be guaranteed for thickness according to ISSF regs

Gehmann size chart – click here

Weight 3.6 kg

Right handed shooter (glove on left hand), Left handed shooter (glove on right hand)

Jacket size

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