Gehmann Champion – 540


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The latest in our see-through sights
20mm see-through panel
Movable iris with new frame, adjustable from 0.8 – 2.4mm
Colour filters are available as for 518, now modified for greater weather protection
The iris is detachable from the front with our special tool and positioned wherever wanted within the tunnel
It is also possible to remove the iris completely and replace it with a standard iris but this requires the addition of our
540-A adaptor
Shorter but stronger rail clamp than 518 with solid clamps and stainless steel allen securing screws
Large elevation and windage knobs for ease of use
Perfect for reading wind flags whilst on aim
Bullet shift: 1.0mm per click at 50 metres
0.2mm per click at 10 metres
Accessories available

Weight 0.8 kg
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