Esprit Carabine Universal Concept


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Beautifully machined high-grade aluminium
Excellent balance
Comfortable rounded fore-end
Multi-adjustable cheekpiece, which can be adjusted for height whilst in position
Machined to accept Grunig & Elmiger and Bleiker actions, with adaptor plates for other actions available
Buttplate carrier will accept any buttplate and can be adjusted for length in position

Expert Grip – adjustable for height, off-set left / right by 8mm and the entire grip is on a ball joint allowing adjustment in all directions (included in price)

Rifle actions can be bedded conventionally with bolts into the action, or by adjustable barrel clamps (extra cost)

Barrel clamps can be added or removed if required

The barrel clamps can be supplied with one retaining ring per clamp, or two.
A Universal Key is included for tightening the barrel clamps (if applicable)

Silver colour has blue accents (trigger guard and adjustment wheels)
Black colour has red accents (trigger guard and adjustment wheels)

Please contact us for a custom quote – price shown is basic price

Weight 4 kg
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