ahg Anschutz Tower Plus


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To fit Anschutz 1913 and later rifles only
Allows a simple and sturdy adjustment in 8 stages without spacers and discs
This offers many advantages especially when in standing or kneeling position.
The basic height is 27 mm and can be raised in 1,5 mm increments up to 38 mm.
Bridging the loading platform additionally stabilizes the action and shooting vibrations are
reduced, and this improves shooting performance.

Due to the long rail of the rear raiser, the rear sight can be moved closer to the eye, which is
an advantage for benchrest shooters amongst others
Permitted in all small bore disciplines.
The rear sight rail is 165 mm long and allows attaching sight equipment and accessories.

Total weight: approx. 230 g

Weight 0.5 kg
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