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ahg Anschutz Mechanical Trigger
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ahg Anschutz Mechanical Trigger

Price: 109.00

A trigger to stop the accidental release of a shot - ideal for those with a twitch in finger control
Provided a direct trigger is given (no first stage), a mechanical trigger shoe can be used. Valuable time can be gained when pulling the trigger by direct adjustment.
A short pulling time and using a precision spring reduces the interval of first stage and second stage remarkably and clearly on the second stage.
Uncontrolled pulling, e.g. when stressing, is almost impossible.
The weight of first stage is adjustable (screw 1) to 10 and 70 grams.
The first stage distance is individually adjustable (screw 2).
The contact surface is adjustable in height (screw 3).
The trigger shoe is adjustable sidewise (screw 4) and turnable (screw 5).

An ideal adjustment guarantees safe and clean pulling of the trigger.