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SCATT USB Professional

SCATT USB Professional

Price: 940.00

SCATT USB is used for fixed target training at distances from 4 to 12 metres and imitates shooting from 10 to 300 metres. Using air rifles & pistols / smallbore rifles & pistols. Dry-firing practice, ideal for home use where live firing is not possible

The best known home trainer on the market with enviable software back-ups and support at www.scatt.com
Full details on this system available at http://www.scatt.com

OPTICAL SENSOR - fixed on the firearm, this measures the weapon's alignment during aiming and actuation of the trigger mechanism. Fits all barrels / air cylinders. Weight 30g - the lightest on the market

ELECTRONIC TARGET - Fixed on the target line, this replaces a normal target and can be attached to a wall, bullet-catching device, or to a photo tripod on a distance from 4 to 12 metres.

Also included is all leads and mounts and the SCATT PRO software
The feature-rich and easy-to-use SCATT Professional software has all the necessary features for efficient training and overall analysis of shooting results. Results are displayed in both digital and graphic forms and can be saved onto disk for further analysis (aim trajectory, shots and graphics, etc)

This software will easily show up any errors in aim, position, grip, trigger pressure and every other fauly imaginable.

You can use this system to replicate 25m shooting, 50m shooting, 100m shooting etc etc - the software simply prints out a scaled target for use at 10m

On the SCATT website you can share your shooting graphs etc with German pros using the SCATT system!!

Now supports Windows Vista too!!

Easily stood on floor using the ahg Prone Tripod (link below)