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ahg Anschutz Baseball Hat

ahg Anschutz logo
Black in colour
100% cotton
Super quality

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TenPointNine Principle
TenPointNine Principle - view 1TenPointNine Principle - view 2

TenPointNine Principle

Price: 90.00

Option Required:


"Shoot Prone without a Jacket"
By distilling the functional elements of a jacket, the Principle© provides a fixed and stable sling position for any shooter of any size
and a way to bring more people into the sport and make it more appealing to beginners.

The TenPointNine Principle© provides a comfortable and stable sling position eliminating the familiar struggle to find an appropriate jacket

This 'Intermediate' version includes a Top Grip butt pad for the shoulder, to protect clothing and protect the new shooter from any recoil

XS - Will fit ladies size 6-10, Men's Euro Size 36-44, UK Chest Size 28-34
S - Will fit ladies size 8-14, Men's Euro Size 38-46, UK Chest Size 30-36
M - Will fit ladies size 10-16, Men's Euro Size 42-50, UK Chest Size 33-39
L - Will fit ladies size 16-20, Men's Euro Size 46-54, UK Chest Size 36-42

Button Spoon

Button Spoon

Price: 12.00

Takes the effort out of buttoning a canvas jacket, especially when new
Easy to use, see photo
Secure your buttons easily
Will not harm your jacket
Can be used on all jackets
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Spare buttons for Shooting Jacket

Spare pierce through buttons
Ideal for lost, broken buttons
NOTE: Buttons may vary slightly from image
Black only
Price is per single button
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ahg Anschutz Aluminium Jacket Buttons

Extra flat aluminium buttons
Ideal for lost, broken buttons
Price is per single button
Complete with screws and washers, note colour has changed to silver
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Anschutz Top Grip 24cm x 24cm

Genuine Anschutz Top Grip as used on the best jackets and gloves in the world
Superior grip material, don't confuse with cheap copies
Cloth backing for easy sewing onto worn elbows, shoulder etc

24m x 24cm approx, 2mm thick
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