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Gehmann Lens Holder 501
Gehmann Lens Holder 501 - view 1Gehmann Lens Holder 501 - view 2

Gehmann Lens Holder 501

Price: 55.00

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This new 23mm lens holder from Gehmann holds advantages over other lens holders on the market

3 piece design allows maximum adjustability
Lens holder can be removed without removing the rest of the assembly
Reposition the lens holder on the rail as required and lock it in place
Better adjustment of the assembly in relation to your rearsight for a less obtrusive view
Easily secured with the allen screw located in the front body

There are two versions of this lens holder:

* Gehmann version - to be fitted to rearsights with the latest Gehmann irises with the detachable rear thread and without the 1.5x magnified diopter
The detachable steel rear thread of your iris is removed with the factory spanner, and the adaptor fitted

* Other version - to be fitted to rearsights using irises from other manufacturers (can also be used with Gehmann irises)

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