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Freeland Stands

Freeland Tripod + Lowering Bracket

Freeland Tripod + Lowering Bracket

Price: 190.00

Head required

**All our Freeland bipods & tripods now ship with a free lowering bracket kit RRP £15**

Can be levelled for uneven terrain preventing your stand from tipping over
Ships with 21" extension rod x 5/8" diameter
Features quick adjustment for elevation
Additional rods can be purchased if you shoot 3 position

Three different head assemblies available:
* Saddle Head if you want you scope to be clamped onto the stand (Greenkat/Rhino)
* Zoom Head if you attach your scope via threads and it has a rotating band (photographed)
* Swivel Head if you attach your scope via threads and you do not have a rotating band

The swivel head can be used, even if you have a scope with rotating band, to allow extra fine adjustment.
Very useful stand for 3P shooting and scoping behind shooters

Made 100% in USA