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Freeland Stands

Freeland Bipod + Lowering Bracket

Freeland Bipod + Lowering Bracket

Price: 185.00

Head required

**All our Freeland bipods & tripods now ship with a free lowering bracket kit RRP £15**

Can be levelled for uneven terrain preventing your stand from tipping over
Ships with 21" extension rod and accepts any rod up to 1.25" diameter
Features quick adjustment for elevation
Additional rods can be purchased if you shoot 3 position

Three different head assemblies available:
* Saddle Head if you want you scope to be clamped onto the stand (Greenkat/Rhino)
* Zoom Head if you attach your scope via threads and it has a rotating band (photographed)
* Swivel Head if you attach your scope via threads and you do not have a rotating band

The swivel head can be used, even if you have a scope with rotating band, to allow extra fine adjustment.

Made 100% in USA

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