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**SALE** Gehmann Boots 481

**SALE** Gehmann Boots 481

Price: 40.00

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RRP £130
Great boot for juniors or beginners
Heavy suede outers in deep blue and light grey
Front lacing with twin velcro heel fastening
Gives absolute secure fitting
Anatomical footbed
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**SALE** Gehmann Boots 482
**SALE** Gehmann Boots 482 - view 1**SALE** Gehmann Boots 482 - view 2

**SALE** Gehmann Boots 482

Price: 60.00

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RRP £165

We've secured a quantity of these boots (only sizes shown), that had a slight error in manufacture
The Gehmann logo on the side had been printed upside-down, so has been re-printed
The boots are otherwise perfect, so a genuine chance to grab a bargain

Gehmann's top of the range shooting boot
Anatomically cut for the most stable support
Excellent comfort during all shooting disciplines
Maximum support at the sole
Designed to minimize torque which allows the ankle to twist over the foot - spoiling shots
Velcro heel fastening
Standard front lacing with clip over-fastener

Sauer Easy Flex Shoes
Sauer Easy Flex Shoes - view 1Sauer Easy Flex Shoes - view 2

Sauer Easy Flex Shoes

Price: 140.00

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ISSF Compliant (disregard photo)

This enables the shoe to bend easily with the roll of the foot and still guarantees a totally flat surface when standing.

The new "Easy Style Flex" sports shoe is suitable as a shooting boot for a variety of disciplines and can be worn between competitions as casual footwear which fulfils sports orthopaedic requirements. It offers adequate space for the front foot without sacrificing stability. The area beneath the ankle is suitably padded.
The perforations on the side provide better ventilation and the raised heel area provides relief for the back during prolonged periods of standing - especially important for pistol shooters. The heel cup with its robust wedge shape serves to combat foot fatigue.

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Gehmann Sneaker 487

Gehmann Sneaker 487

Price: 95.00


Designed in cooperation with Olympic pistol shooters
Rigid, non-slip rubber sole provides an absolutely stable and comfortable standing position

Velcro closure straps crossing over the instep keep the shoe tight and ensure hold
Slightly raised rear part relieves the spine even during long periods of standing and distributes body weight optimally

High-quality upper material made of robust and durable polyurethane as well as mesh-fabric in order to absorb sweat
Ergonomically shaped insole gives best stability and ensures a pleasant feeling
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Sauer Perfect Flex Boots **TOP SELLER**
Sauer Perfect Flex Boots **TOP SELLER** - view 1Sauer Perfect Flex Boots **TOP SELLER** - view 2

Sauer Perfect Flex Boots **TOP SELLER**

Price: 190.00

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Colour of laces/strap:

2014 ISSF Compliant (disregard photo)

A flexible strip of supple material has now been vulcanised into the sole
This enables the shoe to follow the natural flexing of the foot during walking but returns to its initial position in order to provide a stable, flat surface when the wearer is standing

The new Sauer "Perfect Style Flex" fulfils all modern sport orthopaedic requirements.

The perforations at the sides improve the ventilation to the foot. The extra-wide sole surface at the heel gives ideal stability when shooting from a standing position.
The firm rubber strip around the shoe body acts as a stabiliser and prevents the shoe from slipping when the wearer is shooting from a kneeling or prone position. In addition, it prevents the shoe from spreading out.
The laces and rear strap are availalbe in a few colours

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Sauer Easy Top Shoes
Sauer Easy Top Shoes - view 1Sauer Easy Top Shoes - view 2Sauer Easy Top Shoes - view 3

Sauer Easy Top Shoes

Price: 160.00

Please select size

Besides the fundamentally new look, the EASY TOP comes with several new design features:

Extended lacing allows an even better fit and optimised stand

New integrated shoe tongue solution that encloses the back of the foot completely
Instead of a classic shoe tongue that is sewed in separately, the inner half of the inner boot is prolonged that way, that it reaches all the way beneath the outer half and thereby covers the back of the foot and the toes entirely. The padding of the shoe tongue prevents pressure marks

The improved footbed of the EASY TOP fulfils sports orthopaedic requirements
The raised heel area provides relief for the back during prolonged periods of standing and combats foot fatigue.

Cast thermo polyurethane sole that is curved inwards and thereby enables contact over the whole surface for maximum stability
The rubber surround is also retained in order to provide further stabilisation and protection from spreading

In accordance with the requirements of the ISSF the ankle area is spared.
The area below the ankle is all around well padded.
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ahg Stenvaag Strong Boots
ahg Stenvaag Strong Boots - view 1ahg Stenvaag Strong Boots - view 2ahg Stenvaag Strong Boots - view 3

ahg Stenvaag Strong Boots

Price: 195.00

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2014 ISSF Compliant (disregard photo)

Comfortable, tight lacing prevents pressure in kneeling position and adjusts immediately to any foot form
Thermoplastic material in the complete heel, outer and inner foot area provides an improved side stability
Newly revised inner shoe for more comfortable standing
Thickness of sole reduced by 3 mm (now 18 mm)
Well padded tongues made of perforated material avoid pressure and guarantee a perfect air circulation
Perforation holes in the outer shaft plus porous padding foames allow comforting air circulation
The toe top is made of soft, elastic rubber with a strong grip in order to fix the position of the boot in the kneeling position
Velcro closure to ensure a snug fit
The new system offers a pressure-free fixation of the foot without obstructing blood circulation
The twopiece, non-flexible nylon string makes a perfect fit, the padding prevents pressure build-up
Being an integral part of the shaft and furnished with an inner and outer set of hooks this system provides a two-layer lacing
The deeper hook which is connected to the Digafixsystem improves also the sitting position of the heels
Toe-cap and heel-cap are made of extremely stiff thermoplastic material
Grip Control supports the hold while in kneeling position

ahg Anschutz Boot Stretchers

Prolong the life of your shooting boots and ensures constant flat soles for many years
Suitable for all common shooting boots.
From size 36-50.

Gehmann Shoe Tree 489

Quality long-lasting shoe tree
One size fits all
Adjustable length grip plate keeps soles flat
Sprung toe and heel clips

Sauer Shooting Socks

Sauer Shooting Socks

Price: 20.00

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Designed for target shooting boots / shoes
Stops blisters and fatigue
High wool content
Available in black only

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ahg Anschutz Shooting Socks

ahg Anschutz Shooting Socks

Price: 15.00


Made by Meindl for ahg Anschutz
Anatomically knitted with Coolmax for cool, dry and comfortable wear.
S = 36-39 M = 40-43 L = 44-47
68 % Cool Max, 26% cotton, 4% Polyamid, 2% Elastane
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