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Anschutz AS-300 BR

Anschutz AS-300 BR

Price: 1,150.00

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A stock, especially designed for small bore benchrest shooting, with deep centre
Precise hook butt (art. 5012)
Adjustable cheek piece
Suitable for Anschütz Match 54 round actions (Mod. 1407 -1913)

Vertically adjustable Precise-cheek piece with fine adjustment
Consecutive engraved scales facilitate repeated adjustments of desired fine-tunings
Cheek piece adjustments can be altered without tools while in position
The long fore-end stock with integrated benchrest wedge CONTACT features the
wide two-point-rest and the soft link recoil reduction

ahg – Benchrest Stock AS 300
total length 880 – 920 mm
weight approx. 2500 g